Uninstall & Remove: WebConnect


WebConnect Description:

With WebCracker you can test the safety of password-protected websites. This application takes advantage of some webservers“ weaknesses by allowing numerous erroneous entries, therefore users can use this to find out your passwords on those sites with slack security measures. You must remove this immediately from your PC..


How You Can Get Rid of WebConnect:

In order to remove this type of spyware, you can do so either manually or automatically.


Manually: by doing so, you are running the risk of deleting critical system files which your computer needs to run. Deletion of these will result in your computer being damaged and unable to run.

Therefore, we do not give such advice in order to prevent our visitors from seriously damaging their computers.


Automatically: Preferred Option: If you use a spyware removal tool, the program will automatically detect and remove any presence of WebConnect and any other spyware/adware/malware threats you might have on your PC.


WebConnect Automatic Detection (Highly Recommended)


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